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We are progressive, boutique conveyancing specialists in Melbourne.
We are proud of our over years experiences in real estate conveyancing and related areas.

Easy Living Conveyancing

We can assist individuals or corporate clients who wish to acquire or sell, mortgage, lease or license various property titles. We can represent the buyer or seller in cases where the property can be directly processed. Specifically, our property rights attorneys can help you in the following situations:
1. Property transfer transactions
2. Various forms of mortgage
3. Commercial, industrial or retail leasing
4. Property development consulting guidance
5. Interpretation of property documents (e.g. Document 32)

Our Services

Property transfer transactions

Various forms of mortgage

Commercial, industrial or retail leasing

Property development consulting guidance

What our fantastic customers say

It is our honor to provide prompt, accurate and efficient services for customers.

Thank you for your prompt and professional services, helping us to complete the acquisition of the first property of the company's business expansion on time. In the process, we not only enjoy your meticulous professional service, but your transfer lawyer also gives us a lot of practical impressions. The legal and investment guidance recommendations make up for our lack of property development. I believe that there will be more in-depth cooperation in the follow-up of our property sales!

I have strongly recommended it to my friends. I am very grateful to the conveyancing lawyers who have settled in the house to help me solve many problems. It was because I have not enough experience in the first time, and I have participated in the auction for the first time because the relevant policies and documents are not very clear. The application for the home purchase subsidy could not be submitted. The resident transfer lawyer helped me to try out the flexible methods and completely achieved the desired result, which saved me a lot of cash.

I am a senior consultant in the housing trading agency. Among the many customers I contact, the housing legal documents we give to our clients, especially the 32nd document, I recommended the conveyancing lawyers who have settled in the house to my clients because of the buying and selling relationship. Helping to interpret the relevant documents, the conveyancing manager who has settled in the house can always explain the contents of the main legal documents that the customer cares about in a prompt and patient manner, and will recommend it to more buyers.

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